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19 June 2019 CE | 16 Shawwal 1440 AH
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Keeping Silent All Day Offensive

Ali (radi Allahu anhu) said, "I have memorized from the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) that no one is considered an orphan after puberty and no one may remain silent until nightfall." [Abu Dawud]

This hadith attests to the offensiveness of anyone who keeps silent all day until night, when there is no need. Imam Bukhari (rahimahu Allah) relates that Abu Bakr Siddiq (radi Allahu anhu) said to a woman on Hajj who had resolved to keep silent, "Speak, for this is not permissible but is a practice of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance." Rather, one should occupy the tongue with Quran, dhikr, or other acts of obedience performed with the tongue. [Reliance of the Traveler]

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