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19 May 2019 CE | 15 Ramadhan 1440 AH
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Keeping a Horse

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever keeps a horse for the sake of Allah, out of faith in Allah and believing in His promise, its eating and drinking, its defecation and urination, will all be Hasanaat in his Balance on the Day of Resurrection.” [Bukhaari]

This Hadith gives the good news to those who keep animals for the sake of using them in Allah’s Path, that whatever they spend on that resource will count in their favour on the Day of Judgement. So a person who kept a horse for this purpose will have its food and drink, and even its urination and defecation add weight to his Balance of good deeds on the Day of Judgement.

There are three conditions mentioned in this Hadith that must be fulfilled in order for your resources spent on the horse to be converted into gold for you.

1) The horse must have been maintained “for the sake of Allah;” i.e., the purpose of maintaining the animal must have been to use it to bring supremacy to Allah’s Deen, for Allah’s pleasure. Intentions determine the extent of one’s reward, so for the horse’s food and excretion to count for you on the Day of Judgement, the purpose of the horse must have been to use it to establish Tawheed in Allah’s Hakimiyyat; i.e., the earth is Allah’s, He created and owns it, no one other than Him has the right to determine how His land is to be governed. As Allah’s vicegerents we have been entrusted with the responsibility of running the earth as per his instructions.

2) The person keeping animals, transportation, etc., has to do so “out of faith in Allah.” If a disbeliever or hypocrite maintains the same resources they will obviously not be rewarded on the Day of Judgement. The person maintaining the resource has to believe in Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) as is Allah’s right to be believed in. Allah as our Creator, Owner, Sustainer, Cherisher, to Whom belong the perfect Names and Attributes, should not be insulted with Shirk.

3) “Believing in His promise” means that the Muslim keeping the horse, etc. must hope for and believe in Allah’s promised reward. He should not be keeping the horse for the sake of worldly recognition or benefit. It goes against common sense to work for one person and expect another to compensate you for it. Thus, he who wishes to have Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) compensate him must have the pure intention of doing the deed for Allah’s Pleasure alone, in order for him to be recompensed by Allah on the Day of Judgement.

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