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24 May 2019 CE | 20 Ramadhan 1440 AH
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Praying in Jamaat Saves from Jahannum and Fitnah

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “The person who joins the Jamaat for prayer at the start i.e. first Takbeer, for forty days at a stretch is secured from the torments of Jahannum as well as from the evil of discord.” [Tirmidhi]

To be able to save oneself from the punishment of Jahannum is the greatest achievement anyone can secure for himself in life. Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is so merciful that He has made this the reward of only forty days of effort.

To be saved from Fitnah (discord) is not to be under-valued either. Especially, in this age of misinformation and false propaganda, where virture is presented as vice and vice as virtue, we need to be very careful in order to be able to restrain our hands and tongues from being used to spread evil.

Hazrat Ali (radi Allahu anhu) taught us two wonderful rules of thumb by which to judge right from wrong. Civil war had begun in his time and he was approached by people claiming to be confused about who to support. These two rules are:
1. “Recognize what the truth is: Then you will also recognize the people who are with the truth.”
2. (To recognize the rightly guided people): “See where the arrows of Baatil (wrong-doers/Kuffar) are pointed.”

From this hadith we can also judge the value of praying in Jamaat. If doing so for forty days can bring one the reward of being saved from Jahannum and Fitnah, then how much more could a man achieve if he were to do it for more than forty days?

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