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21 May 2019 CE | 17 Ramadhan 1440 AH
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The Field of Life

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever is afraid of being plundered by the enemy sets out in the early part of the night, and whoever sets out early reaches his goal. Be on your guard! The treasures of Allah are dear and precious. Wake up! The treasure of Allah is the Garden.” [at-Tirmidhi; Sifat al-Qiyyama]

This hadith tells us that if we hope to get some of Allah’s treasure – the Garden of Paradise -  then we should be making some effort for it.

This world is like land which is cultivated for its fruits in the next world: that the heart is like the earth, that belief is like the seeds, and that acts of obedience are like ploughing up the soil and clearing it for planting and digging channels to bring water to it.

The heart which is in love with this world is like barren earth in which seeds cannot sprout. The Day of Resurrection is like the day of the harvest, and no one reaps what he did not sow. No seed other than the seed of belief can grow, and belief rarely brings forth any fruit if the heart is rotten and lacking morality.

In the same way that seeds do not sprout in barren earth, so a servant’s hope for Allah’s forgiveness can be compared to the hope of a farmer:

If anyone searches for fertile soil, sows it with good healthy seeds, supplies it with what it needs when it needs it, pulls out the weeds and anything else that might hinder or ruin the growth of the crop, and then sits waiting for Allah’s blessings in the form of His keeping unfavourable weather and destructive pests away until the crop has finished growing and is ripe – then his waiting can be described as hope.

If, however, he sows the seeds in hard, barren soil which is too high up for water to reach it, and does nothing to care for the seedlings, and then sits waiting for a harvest – then his waiting can only be described as folly and stupidity, not hope.

If the servant sows the seeds of belief, and waters them with obedience to and worship of Allah, and purifies his heart of bad elements, and then waits for Allah’s blessings in the form of His keeping him steady in that state until his death, and then granting him an excellent end and His forgiveness – then his waiting is truly hoping for the best.

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