Islamic Date

15 Thu al-Hijjah

English Date

24 July

Honour is From Allah

Some people asked the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam): “Who is the most honorable among people?” He (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) replied: “The most honorable among them with Allah is the one who has the most Taqwa.” [Bukhari]

Once Al-Hajjaaj ibn Yusuf went to Makkah to perform Umrah. He took along several bodyguards to protect him. After circumambulating the Kabah, he came to the Maqaam Ibraheem to perform two Rakah prayer. As he stood to pray, his guards lay their swords, spears, lances and daggers on the ground.

A poor man from Yemen while going around the Kabah passed by the Maqaam Ibraheem where Hajjaaj, who had finished his prayer, was sitting. As he passed by, a spear caught his dress and he fell on Hajjaaj. Hajjaaj was terrified and ordered his guards to seize the man. The guards rushed and brought him before Hajjaaj.

Hajjaaj asked the Yemeni man, “Don’t you know me?”
The Yemeni man answered, “No.”
Hajjaaj asked, “Who is the governor of Yemen?”
The Yemeni man answered, “Muhammad ibn Yusuf, the brother of Hajjaaj. He is as cruel as Hajjaaj or even worse.”
Hajjaaj said, “Don't you know that I am his brother?”
The Yemeni asked, “Are you Hajjaaj?”
Hajjaaj answered, “Yes.”
The Yemeni remarked, “Oh, how bad you and your brother are!”

Hajjaaj inquired, “How was my brother when you left Yemen?”
The Yemeni said, “He has a big paunch from excessive eating. Fat like a buffalo.”
Hajjaaj said, “I didn't ask you about his health. I asked you about the way he dispenses justice.”
The Yemeni countered, “Oh, how can he be fair and just? He is cruel and robs others of their wealth.”
Hajjaaj asked, “Don't you know he is my brother? Don't you fear me?”
The Yemeni replied, “Do you think your brother, by virtue of his relation with you, has become more honourable? I beg Allah for honour.”

Taawoos ibn Kaesaan (rahimuhullah), a learned scholar, was sitting nearby. He narrated this episode and said, “I shuddered with fear when I saw the way the Yemeni spoke to Hajjaaj.” However ,Hajjaaj let him go unharmed because it was the House of Allah, and the poor man from Yemen fearing none except Allah, resumed circumambulating the Kabah.

We beseech Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to give us true honour. And especially to give us honour on the Day of Largest Gathering.