Islamic Date

15 Thu al-Hijjah

English Date

24 July

Marital Discord Pleases Shaytaan Most

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said that Shaytaan sits on his throne daily and dispatches his agents to work among human beings. One of the agents returns and says that I made a certain person commit a sin, another says I got so and so involved in this offence. Upon listening to all this, Shaytaan says that you have done nothing great. Eventually, one representative comes and says that I saw a husband and wife extremely devoted to each other. I sowed the seeds of enmity between them. On hearing this, Shaytaan becomes happy and embracing his agent says that you have indeed achieved something great. [Mishkat]

The love between a husband and wife is the biggest blow to Shaytaan. From this it is apparent how meritorious this love is. The Islamic prescription for success in married life is based on taqwa, fear, love, and consciousness of Allah. Taqwa -- the basis for all aspects of Islamic life -- is especially relevant to the household. That is why Sura Nisa, which contains many commands regarding the rights and responsibilities of spouses, begins with repeated reminders of taqwa.

To fight Shaytaan, one needs Allah's help and it comes with taqwa, i.e. living with the awareness that Allah is watching us and will hold us accountable for our actions. A direct and far reaching consequence of this awareness is that a fight for rights is replaced by a concern for responsibilities. One's responsibilities are other's rights. A Muslim husband and wife will be concerned with discharging their duties toward each other. This provides for a home that is a model of peace, love and harmony.